Thursday, September 27, 2012

Running, running, running

Well more walking, walking, walking :)

So far this year I have taken part in four  5k races, all of which I walked.

June 20th I took part in the Summer Virtual 5k, which I did on my treadmill. My time was 59:57

July 11th I took part in the Do Life 5k in San Francisco. My time was 54:02.

July 14th I took part in the Color Run in San Francisco. My time was 1:02:42 

September 16th I took part in Dani Ryan Holmes-Kirk virtual 5k which I did my walking around Lake Temescal. My time was 58:24

Today I signed up for two more races. So my racing calendar (which is also a nice purple widget to the side of my blog  >>>>>) is

October 27th Dirty Girl Mud Run which is a 5k with obstacles in San Jose

October 28th Virtual Zombie Run the Hood 5k which I plan to do around Lake Temescal

November 18th Awesome 80's 10k in San Francisco - this will be my first 10k.

December 29th Brazen New Years Eve 5k around Lake Chabot

January 1st Brazen New Years Day 5k around Lake Chabot - I think this will be a great way to start 2013. Also by completing the NYE and NY day runs we get this funky medal

At the moment I am walking all my 5ks, due to my slipped discs my Dr told me to avoid the impact of running, but I am hoping with some practice and training, that I will be able to start at least jogging part of my 5ks and hope to bring my time down considerably in 2013. I also plan to set myself a goal of completing a 5k each month in 2013.

Seeing as I am about to get a nice collection of medals, I have decided to order a bib and medal holder. I plan to purchase this one in purple or at least ask Santa or the birthday fairy for it :)

So far this year I have received one medal which was from the Dani Ryan Holmes-Kirk race which looks pretty cool, but it also needs some friends.

I look forward to sharing my walking/jogging adventures with you all.


  1. Great job Sarah! You've got a lot of races planned. That funky medal looks too cool to not have it. hhmmm... i maybe joining you in these races.

  2. Thanks, I know it's the coolest medal ever so I had to sign up for both :)