Monday, April 1, 2013

March Photo a day

I took part in FMSphotoaday in March and remembered everyday! So thought I would share all the photos here in one place. I plan to take part in April too as it was so much fun. Check out the link for the topics for April if you want to take part.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March BarkBox

Another month and another BarkBox.


The pups favorite thing in the box this month was the packet of Teeny Treats from Feel Good Treats The treats are wheat, corn and soy free so great for dogs with allergies.

The peanut butter treats from Little Eatz were so yummy, and how do I know? Well they are created so they are edible for both dogs and humans, although they were a bit hard for my teeth!!

This month's box also contained a pretty cool poop bag dispenser and poop bags with the Angie's List info on. The super cute mouse was from Lollycadoodle All their toys are 100% wool and handcrafted in Nepal. The blue bone is a hemp bone stuffed with 100% recycled post - consumer plastics from Harry Barker.

Two very happy pups this month again

Anyone who wants to sign up can use the following link and they will receive $5 off their first box

Sunday, March 24, 2013

From the mouths of hardware store workers

Had to share the conversation I had with the cashier in the hardware store today.

Cashier: Hi ma'am how are you today?

Me: Good thanks

Cashier: Cor blimey guv'nor - you're British (said in a very British accent)

Me: Yes I am

Cashier: (again in a British accent) Yes I am - that's so cute, you are so cute

I smiled politely in the hope the conversation would end there....

Cashier: have you heard of the spice girls?

Me: yes

Cashier: did you meet them?

Me: no but I used to live near one of their houses (true fact - one of then lived in Maidenhead!)

Cashier: (in an extremely loud and excited British accent) Oh my blooming god, that is spiffing

I roll my eyes at her and smile, I can feel the people behind me in line getting anxious for me to leave!

Cashier: did you watch their movie?
She then starts acting out scenes from the movie - including a scene about a little black dress!!

Me: I never saw the movie (ok that's a lie!!)

Cashier: do you like it when we mock your accent? Or not?

Me: I'm used to it, it's happens a lot

Cashier: you said 'a lot' that is so cute. I wish I could talk like you all the time.

Me: that's what everyone says

Cashier then goes back to scanning my goods (finally)

Then the best line I've heard yet

Cashier: so do you have special classes at school where you learn to talk like that? I wish we had classes like that.

Me: (after deciding not to burst her bubble) - yes at elementary school we have special speech lessons

Yes, I know I shouldn't encourage them.

Finally my goods are all rung up and she tells me the amount - clarifying I have to pay her in American dollars not British euros (yes again I didn't correct her that we still have the good old pound!)

Me: thanks

Cashier: (in a British accent) have a spiffing day, are you going home for a cup of tea now

Me: yes!!

Cashier: do you think I would be allowed to live in England if I could talk like you?

Me: maybe

Cashier: there are lots of you (I guess she meant Brits) living here, it's not fair. But it's OK as I think you are all cute. Come back soon and talk to me

At which point I left.