Sunday, March 24, 2013

From the mouths of hardware store workers

Had to share the conversation I had with the cashier in the hardware store today.

Cashier: Hi ma'am how are you today?

Me: Good thanks

Cashier: Cor blimey guv'nor - you're British (said in a very British accent)

Me: Yes I am

Cashier: (again in a British accent) Yes I am - that's so cute, you are so cute

I smiled politely in the hope the conversation would end there....

Cashier: have you heard of the spice girls?

Me: yes

Cashier: did you meet them?

Me: no but I used to live near one of their houses (true fact - one of then lived in Maidenhead!)

Cashier: (in an extremely loud and excited British accent) Oh my blooming god, that is spiffing

I roll my eyes at her and smile, I can feel the people behind me in line getting anxious for me to leave!

Cashier: did you watch their movie?
She then starts acting out scenes from the movie - including a scene about a little black dress!!

Me: I never saw the movie (ok that's a lie!!)

Cashier: do you like it when we mock your accent? Or not?

Me: I'm used to it, it's happens a lot

Cashier: you said 'a lot' that is so cute. I wish I could talk like you all the time.

Me: that's what everyone says

Cashier then goes back to scanning my goods (finally)

Then the best line I've heard yet

Cashier: so do you have special classes at school where you learn to talk like that? I wish we had classes like that.

Me: (after deciding not to burst her bubble) - yes at elementary school we have special speech lessons

Yes, I know I shouldn't encourage them.

Finally my goods are all rung up and she tells me the amount - clarifying I have to pay her in American dollars not British euros (yes again I didn't correct her that we still have the good old pound!)

Me: thanks

Cashier: (in a British accent) have a spiffing day, are you going home for a cup of tea now

Me: yes!!

Cashier: do you think I would be allowed to live in England if I could talk like you?

Me: maybe

Cashier: there are lots of you (I guess she meant Brits) living here, it's not fair. But it's OK as I think you are all cute. Come back soon and talk to me

At which point I left.


  1. Wow, you are way more patient than me. I tend to give the death glare when strangers point out stupid Canadian things to me.

    1. I normally try not speak to save having such conversations!!

  2. Sounds to me like she was taking the mick...

    1. I have similar conversations far too frequently!!

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