Thursday, July 12, 2012

Do Life 5K

Last night I took part in a 5k  that was part of the Ben Does Life tour. For those of you who haven't heard of Ben, check out his blog - it's very inspirational. It was a great experience meeting him and everyone else last night.

My walking (yes I didn't run!) buddy for the 5k was Marisol We walked along the Embarcadero in San Francisco and it was a nice evening, warm in places and rather cool in the shade AND extremely cold later on in the evening!!

Photos are courtesy of Marisol

Looking rather windswept!

The half way turn around point

Merchandise :)

The gorgeous view of the Bay Bridge as we left the city
I started using the Nike + GPS app in January, and used it last night and apparently it was a new record time for a 5k - go me :) 17'22" minute mile. So I now have something to work towards :) I imagine the upcoming Color Run 5k for this Saturday will be a lot slower, as there will be a lot more people, plus we will be getting covered in color!! Photos will be posted later on Saturday of all the action.


  1. great job! :) I bet the walk in SF was nice! :)

  2. Thanks, yes it was a great evening, and luckily a lot cooler than over here!!

  3. Yay Sarah! Records won't be made on Saturday but you will have so much FUN!