Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 27

Last week seemed to go really quickly, it only feels like yesterday that I was doing my weekly update blog post.

I completed two 5k's this week - the Do Life and The Color Run, both were lots and lots of fun, and I also set a new PR for 5k doing the Do Life run, but was nowhere close on The Color Run as the course made it a lot slower, especially stopping to get colored every kilometer.

Numbers wise, I tracked Monday to Thursday 100% then TOTM arrived and it all went out of the window and I didn't track and as a result of that I had a gain of 0.2lbs, which I think I am very lucky to have had as I was expecting a lot more. My total loss is now at 10.4lbs.

Step wise this week, you would have thought I would have beat my 65034 steps from last week after doing two 5k's - but I guess I was super lazy on the other days. It was very warm so I wasn't doing the usual long dog walks this week. My steps came in at 61097 for the week. My very active % was more this week, but other than that the numbers were pretty poor :( Want to really try hard this week and make it to a minimum of 70000 steps.

 Lots planned for this week, so should be kept active and away from the kitchen.
Have a great week everyone

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