Sunday, July 22, 2012


Last night I had the pleasure of hosting a Telestrations party courtesy of House Party*

Telestrations is like broken telephone but with pictures and words. It is easy to play and is lots of fun and there was much laughing last night.

There were 8 of us last night, we received 2 board games, erasable face masks, balloons and bendable telestrations characters. We had lots of fun drawing our funny faces on the masks. Then we enjoyed some yummy food and drinks, before playing the game. 

It was interesting to see everyone's drawings and to see what the original word ended up as. Some of them made it from start to finish as the same word, others didn't do so well. We had one that started as iceberg and ended up as acorn, and one that started as tic, tac, toe and ended up as cemetery. There were a few other interesting ones too, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the drawings, but definitely will next time, it was nice to see the different levels of drawing, especially as one of the players is a graphic artist :).

 The game is for 4 - 8 players, and the suggested age is 12 upwards, but we had an 8 year play and he was able to enjoy the game as much as everyone else. We started using the suggested words on the cards, then we made up our own categories, including movies, animals, bands, book title and food.

*If you are interested in hosting a party sign up on the House Party website and you maybe lucky enough to get to selected, they have different kinds of parties each month, ranging from alcoholic (unfortunately living in CA, I'm not allowed to host that party :( ) to kids toys, to food to household products.

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