Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 26

Happy Monday everyone - not that there is much left of today!

My one target for this week was to attempt to beat my total step count from two weeks ago which was 77686. I failed :( my week started off well, but then slowed down as the week went on, and two days I never hit 10,000 steps, as a result my total steps for the week was 65,034, which was more than last week, but not the target I had planned for. I did climb a lot more floors this week, the reason being I have set myself a new rule, those of you who have been to my house will know it has lots and lots of steps. So I now park my car in the garage instead of out front and walk up the steps (i really should count how many there are!) each time, this includes with shopping, the other day it took me four trips to bring all my shopping in from the car - it felt good though.

Tracking wise, I tracked 100%, and used up 30 of my 49 weekly points - mainly when I went out for an Indian meal on Friday - which was so good (which reminds me I must go and write some yelp reviews). I didn't earn any activity points this week as other than walking I never did any extra exercise. The results from all my excellent tracking was a loss of 2.6lbs this week - which I was very pleased with and that now takes my total loss for this year to 10.6lbs.

This week I am taking part in two 5k runs (well I'll be walking!) with Marisol (@missmarisol) The first one is the Do Life run in San Francisco on Wednesday evening, and the second one is The Color Run in San Francisco on Saturday morning (bright and early) where we will get covered in color (and take lots of photos). So I will definitely be clocking up a few extra steps this week.

Have a great week everyone xxx


  1. Congrats on the loss. We will have so much fun this week!

    1. Thanks - yes its going to be a fun week :)