Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Foster Farms House Party

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be selected to host a Foster Farms Always Natural Always Fresh House Party.

I got sent a very cool party pack, which included vouchers to spend up to $50 on Foster Farms chicken, $2.50 coupons to give to my guests, some really cool tote bags, a chefs jacket and some yummy recipes.

 I was sent six recipes and chose two of them to make for my guests. The first one we made was hoisin chicken thighs, they were served on a bed of jasmine rice (unfortunately the mango wasn't ripe enough so we had to skip adding that). This dish smelt and tasted so good. We had a lot of sauce leftover which I used the next day on some drumsticks.

The second dish we chose to cook was cumin chicken paillards  with grape tomatoes, scallions and wine (except we skipped the wine bit). This recipe was really quick to do and came out really nice also. It was very yummy, although not quite as nice as the hoisin chicken!!

Marlene (above) who blogs at Nosh my Way attended the party with her husband, and Deb who blogs at DebRoby and my husband attended the party. We were all extremely full by the end of the party, and discussed lots of other ways we can cook all the chicken we have, and making tweaks to some of the recipes we were given.

House Party host lots of parties each month, this is the second party I've hosted. You sign up and they will show you the upcoming parties and when you can apply, they are lots of fun and you get to try and share lots of cool things for free with your friends.

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  1. Great post Sarah. I love all the photo's too. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what we will be chosen for next.