Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 37

*sigh* It's been one of those weeks! I had great intentions at the start of the week, not really sure what happened, I think I had a few days where I wasn't on track and then it just spiraled from there. I didn't work out because I felt like I had no energy, because I had been eating crap! So just ended up eating crap all week and didn't work out once. Part of me wants to say it's good to have an 'off week' once in a while but I don't truly believe that is true. All week I kept saying I'll start a fresh on Monday, but why couldn't I just start a fresh the next day? A few people this week have blogged about the whole self sabotage thing and not feeling worthy, and I think that's how I felt. At the start of the week I wore my new smaller size 20 jeans for the first time and felt great. 

Saturday night I was up in the night and I honestly felt like I was dying, I had stomach cramps and nausea. My first thought was I had food poisoning and I was really concerned as that day I had hosted the foster farms house party (which I still need to blog about), but the sickness and diarrhea never appeared and eventually I got back to sleep but felt rough Sunday morning, you would think that I would have taken it easy Sunday, but no! I went to a group picnic that was pot luck and basically ended up trying everything, then in the evening we went to the movies and I had popcorn and an icee, then we went for dinner and I had a buffalo burger (didn't taste as nice as the elk burger!). All was good until around midnight and I woke up with the sweats and shakes, and stomach cramps and honestly felt like I was dying again. I was nauseous and heaving but nothing came up, eventually after a few hours of tossing and turning and going in and out of the bathroom I managed to get comfy and go back to sleep. Today I have felt OK but not 100%.

I think basically my body is showing me that is is DESPERATE for me to go back to healthy eating and working out again. It's not hard, I have plenty of time, I love cooking - so I have no real excuse. The scales weren't pretty this morning, they showed a gain of 2.6lbs taking me back over 270lbs :( So far today is going well and I've been on track, I decided not to work out today as I'm not feeling 100%, but plan to work out tomorrow for sure. I know I can do it, so feel free to give me a helpful kick up the butt if needed.

This time next week I WILL be posting a loss

Thanks for reading and have a great week xxx
PS: Sorry for no pretty pictures/graphs this post


  1. Isn't it weird how once your body is used to eating well it basically rejects food that was part of your normal diet a while back? I think this is a good reminder for you so that you don't overindulge or think twice about doing it. Off to work out so I can catch up to you. hee hee

  2. I need to get back working out too so you have to work harder to catch me up ;)