Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 38

It's time to stop this faffing around and get back on track!!

My week started so well, I even did day 1 of boot camp (which my arms felt everyday for the rest of the week!!), but gradually as the week went on I stopped tracking and working out. That STOPS HERE.

I ended up with a gain of 1.2 this week, which I wasn't surprised at, but that is now a gain two weeks in a row :( My total loss is now back to 19.4 and I'm 22.8lbs away from my 250lb goal.

Plans for this week are to track 100% and workout at least 4 times. I know I can do it.

Last week I got an email to say I had become a Sweat Pink Ambassador (notice the cool badge >>) and that has also got me a few new blog readers (hello everyone) and I have found a few new blogs to follow too, all of which are added extra inspiration for me.

Sorry there is no pretty pictures or anything this week, promise there will be next week :)

In the meantime if you like Pop Chips Tracey is having a giveaway on here blog, so go check it out. She also has tons of yummy recipes on her blog too.

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