Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 34

I'm a day late posting again due to it being a holiday here yesterday.

I think I had an OK week, wasn't as clean as I hoped to be - maybe 60% this week. On the plus side I have no been soda free for 36 days :) 

These are my stats from my fitness pal this past week

I only had one day this week I was over on calories, and my overall net calories was 541, although I did eat out Sunday night and the restaurant did have any nutritional information, so I would imagine that I was probably over that day also, as I had to guesstimate based on foods already in the database. I also ate a lot more fat this week and less carbs, what it doesn't tell you is the kind of carbs of fat, so not really sure how useful this is.

The result from this week was a loss of 2lbs (yay me!) taking my total loss to 20.4lbs (I can finally update my goals and rewards page). I am hoping to try and lose 2lbs this week also so I will officially be in the 260's - watch this space. I have 7 weeks before my sister and nieces come and I did set myself a goal to be 250lbs by then, which I don't think I will reach, unless I have some super super big losses, so depending on how it goes, I now have a trip to England planned on November 30th, so I may move my goal date to then, giving me 12 weeks to lose 21.8lbs - but we will see how it goes.

Dave and I had lots of fun yesterday making homemade candy - we made twix and crunchie - there will be a blog post to follow about that at some point.

Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone.