Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 24

Although last week was a restart, and this is kind of the start of week 2, I wanted to keep my stats correct, so last week was in fact week 24 since I started weight watchers online.

I set myself 3 goals for this week.
1. To go to three gym classes. I went to aqua aerobics on Monday which I enjoyed, until the evening :( Then I was in so much pain - previously I had been doing water running, which is a class in deep water so there is no impact, I never thought about this when I did the aqua aerobics class and was quite happily bouncing away for an hour, not good when you have two herniated discs :( So that was the end of that! I did then go for a swim later on in the week, I never made it to the gym a third time last week :( BUT I did run a 5k on my treadmill at home - so I think I deserve to say I kind of succeeded in that goal ;)

2. To walk 10,000 steps every day - the week started well and I achieved this Monday to Friday, then Saturday I didn't get out of bed till 12 noon, so struggled to make up the steps, and only did 6800 steps, BUT overall for this week I hit 70,000 steps - and averaged at over 10,000 steps each day. So I'm going to let myself have that one too :) Although looking at my fitbit stats I can see I still am sedentary a lot :( Need to work on that. Going to aim to beat my overall steps taken this week :)
3. To track everything I ate 100% - no grey areas here - i tracked 100% (forgot to tick off my healthy checks though - but that's not super relevant). I used 20 of my weekly points, and ate all my daily points except for one day. I tracked activity points for the days i went to the gym and did my 5k, but never used them.
So how did I fair on the scales after all my hard work this week?
I lost 5.2 lbs :) Taking my total loss to 11.4lbs this year.

I had a great week, wasn't as planned as I hoped to have been, but I did good. I even ate out once and had popcorn at the cinema. Here's to another great week (and hopefully great loss)


  1. Great job Sarah! I wish that when you tracked your food it would automatically check out the Healthy Checks as well. I always forget to check them even though I track every thing.

  2. Thanks :) I agree it should check off the healthy checks automatically