Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Challenge Week 6 results

Two more weeks left of the challenge - how is everyone doing?

Sadly we lost two of our challengers this week, they both wished everyone well in the challenge and lots of luck. So for the rest of you this is a good thing as there is now only 15 people left in the challenge, plus I'm not eligible for the prize, so you have an even better chance of winning. Plus one of the people we lost this week, was in fact our overall biggest loser, so that is opening the field lots for you.

Last week I challenged you to all make a recipe that you hadn't made before and tweet about it using the #losew8in8 tag, I was a little disappointed that only 3 of you posted on twitter about this. The spot prize is going to go to Marisol N  (@missmarisol) as she posted a picture and the points value :) She made salmon, salsa and grilled asparagus. Marisol please DM me your address for your spot prize.

Down to this week's numbers. Between you there was a total loss of 10.6lbs which worked out at 0.34% and the running total is now a whopping 112.7lbs. So a big pat on the back to you all.

This week we have a new weekly biggest loser who lost 1.98% this week and that title goes to Sarah G (@Sarah1807) she also now jumps to the top and is our overall biggest loser with a whopping 7.25%. So double congratulations to you.

Two weeks left, just a reminder that I do need a photo of your final weigh in result (whether it be scales or a copy of your weight watchers log.  I know some of you have just been sending me numbers for the past few weeks which is fine, but it needs to be a photo for the final weigh in.

Challenge for this week - I'm going to open this up to you. I want someone (ideally today or tomorrow) to post on twitter a challenge for the group and make sure you use the #losew8in8 tag. One it has been tweeted I will be looking for updates as to how everyone is getting on with it. It can be food or exercise related.