Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 19

Finally the scales are heading back the other way - so I think the medication was to blame for my recent gains. I haven't tracked my food this week, but have been exercising lots. I weighed this morning and lost 4.4lbs this week - taking my total loss since the beginning of the year to 11.8lbs, still just under 7lbs away from my lowest weight this year, so hope to be back there very soon.

From today I am starting to track weight watchers points again :) I haven't done it in a long while and have been guesstimating, so need to re educate myself again.

Today is day 3 of my first week of my training plan for my walk in September. Monday was a rest day, although I did end up cleaning the house from top to bottom which took up a good part of the day, yesterday was a 3 mile walk, which I did walking around a local lake. Today is 30 mins cross training, so I plan to go on my exercise bike this afternoon for 30 mins. I am also walking up the huge set of steps near my house once a day, there are 152 steps in total, I've been walking up the middle part which is 75 steps. The top part is super steep, also the bottom part includes a steep slope before the steps, I did it once the other day and thought I was dying!! I'm sure it will get easier with practice.

I went to check out my local YMCA yesterday, it is nice, but I'm not sure I'm ready to go back just yet, so am going to let my membership expire at the end of the month, then maybe in a few months I will rejoin and start back at my water running classes. In the meantime I have lots of exercise equipment I can be using at home

My physio is going well and they are really pleased with my progress and I have a 30 minute strengthening program I do twice a day which is really helping.

I'm addicted to my fit bit at the moment, and love watching my progress and receiving my weekly stats. 
My daily steps target is 10,000 which I am going to keep for now, and my floors climbed is 10, but I'm going to change this to 15 as I am always walking up stairs. These are last week's stats.

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  1. Congratulations on your loss! I'm interested to see what my weight is for this week. I have already lost the weight that I gained from last week. It may not be a big loss, but any loss is good. :) I have been riding my bike a lot and that is really making a difference. I feel like a different person since March and I'm loving it! Best of luck to you!!