Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 17

This blog now comes to you from the other side of the Bay :) The house move went well and we are just about unpacked and slowly getting things organized.
I've been really busy and been doing lots of steps according to my fitbit and also lots of stairs, as we have loads of stairs in our house/garden. Also near our house there is a huge set of steps, I walked the long way around this morning and down the main part of the steps and counted 101, I estimate there are another 30/40 in the second part of the steps. Maybe one day I'll be fit enough to attempt to walk up them. I have seen lots of people walk and even run up them, and it seems a popular exercise for the locals.

Down to the numbers, I was confused by the number on the scales this morning, it says I have had a gain of 7lbs. I personally think this can't be correct as I've been doing lots and not eating that much. I didn't even gain that much on my two week vacation to England where I ate loads of unhealthy stuff.
My theory on the number is it could be that I'm now weighing on a different type of floor than before, although I did put it in three locations in the bedroom and it said the same each time. I am on some new medication that causes water retention and bloating and it could also be that. Or I guess it could just be I've gained after the recent big losses. Either way I'm not overly concerned about the number at the moment.

My sister is visiting at the moment from England and we are off to Vegas this weekend, so I will be eating and drinking more than normal, but will also be on my feet lots too. So let's see what the scales say next week.

In our new house I have a gym room, which I'm super excited about so hope to start using that soon. I went to see my back Dr on Monday and he was pleased with my progress so far, and I'm still pain free :) I have been referred for some more physio, and have my first appointment next Friday so will find out the best exercises to be doing.

So, the summer challenge. So far two people have sent me their starting weight this week. I have had another 15 people show and interest in joining too. If you do want to sign up you need to send me your starting weight by midnight (PST) Saturday to be able to enter for the prize.

Good luck to everyone who signs up, I'm looking forward to seeing some great losses.


  1. Have fun in Vegas. Contemplating joining your challenge but think it may be too late?

  2. As long as I have your weight by midnight Saturday you can join :)

  3. Should I email it to you or can I FB message you it?

  4. Congratulations on surviving your move! I'm still trying to settle in, so I know how hectic it can be. I look forward to the challenge beginning. Best of luck to everyone!