Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 16

Going to make this a quick post, as I really need to get on with the packing!! For those of you who don't know we are moving house in two days, well 38 hours to be precise!

This week was a strange week, my appetite reappeared, Which resulted in lots of overeating of not very healthy food this week, as a result on Sunday morning the scales showed a gain of 6.4lbs!! This gave me the motivation to rethink things, and I started making healthier choices again and also started packing which involved more exercise, and less chance to snack!!

The result this morning was that I stayed the same, which I was really pleased with. I'm going to try my best to stay focused throughout the move, plus my little sister arrives on Monday for 12 days, and we are going to Vegas for 3 days!! At least Vegas will involve lots of walking - must remember to charge my fitbit before I go. 

That reminds me, I got my 50 miles badge today with fitbit, which means since I started using it I've walked 50 miles. Which sounds great, but then I thought about the 3 day, 60 mile walk I'm doing in September and that scared me a bit!!

 The boxes and packing tape are calling. Have a good week everyone x

Nearly forgot, don't forget my summer challenge starts next week

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  1. Congratulations! In times of stress, if you stay the same, that is as good as a loss!

    I had gained and between the stress of the new job and moving, I had a bad couple of weeks. But I'm back on track now and I'm feeling good. Best of luck to you!