Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer Challenge

Welcome to the 8 week summer challenge.

I'm pleased to say we have 18 participants, I was hoping to get a few more people on board, but I guess the less people in the challenge the more chance you have of winning.

Our participants for the challenge are:

Holli B (@hollicbuck)
Lisa S (@LisascottLisa)
Marisol N (@missmarisol)
Laura L (@BikiniCountdown)
Sarah G (@sarah1807)
Erica H (@MommaHunt16)
Dacia L (@dacialee33)
AnnMarie H 
Veronica R (@NewVeronica2011)
Kipp (@scribble_nibble)
Crystal P (@oneandonlycp)
Carrye DM (@MizLit)
Clare A (@pollypissypants)
Terri E (@feritae)
Alexis A (@divaonadiet)
Becky M (@OMGBeckster)
Robyn D (@frosted_miika)
Sarah S (@sarahlou1976)

I first of all want to say well done for signing up for the challenge and of course Good Luck to everyone.  Please remember to send me your new weight by midnight each Saturday, I will then calculate your % loss (or gain) and reply to your email. I will then post the name of the person with the biggest % loss (no actual weights) in my blog post next week.

Challenge 1.
Feel free to give me ideas for things you would like to see as challenges. The weekly challenges are optional, but hopefully a few of you will take part.

So week 1, let's focus on our water intake and drink at least 100oz each day this week. I know I need to work on this especially as the weather is so nice at the moment.

Remember if you do want to tweet about the challenge we will use the hash tag #losew8in8

Have a great week everyone


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  2. I bought a FitBit!! But this week is a rather hard one for me. Still, I'm hoping for the best. If not, next week is going to be AMAZING!

  3. Thanks for hosting the challenge. Good luck to us all!

  4. Good luck to everyone! The water challenge sounds good - I need to get back on the water train! :)