Saturday, May 19, 2012

Catching up plus week 18

Life has been crazy here for the last few weeks. 
We moved house, then three days after moving in my sister and her husband came to visit, and then last weekend I was in Vegas - which was awesome (and very very hot!).

I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and chill out and start getting organized, and also planning for our next visitor (my mother in law) who arrives in 11 days and a trip to Tahoe :)

Last week's weigh in was a big surprise to me, as I wasn't expecting a huge gain, and wasn't sure why, I put it down to a few things, new medication, possibly eating more and scales on a new floor. The scales theory I kind of ruled out almost immediately as it showed the same weight on various places in the house. Last weekend I was in Vegas and I walked loads, I wore my fitbit the whole time and one day I walked 23,000 steps! I drank lots of water whilst there, and whilst I did eat unhealthy things I didn't eat loads. So I was surprised to have another gain this week of 3.8lbs, so a total of 10.8lbs in 2 weeks. I stopped my medication on Tuesday and weighed myself this morning and I am down 2.8lbs so far, so I'm thinking it must have been from the medication, plus I had really swollen ankles after returning from Vegas. So hopefully now the medication is out of my system the scales will be going the right way.

So onwards and upwards or should I say downwards as I don't plan on another gain. I have a plan of action too. I have been organizing my new gym/office room in our new house. 


 As you can see I have a treadmill, bike, exercise ball, jump rope, dumbells, stretch bands and a bodyblade. So lots of things to keep me busy, plus all the steps in my house! Plus near to my house there is a HUGE staircase, twice this week I have tackled part of it, each time I climbed 75 steps, the first time felt OK, but I was out of breath at the top, the second time seemed a lot harder. One day I hope to walk the full set, which I guess is probably around 160, haven't counted them yet.

It is also only 16 weeks until my 3 day, 60 mile walk, so think it is time to do some training, each week they send me an email with a training plan, so I have written it out on the board in my gym room and plan to mark off each day I complete it - I will be reporting back next week :) This should also give me weight loss a boost. I also need to work on my fundraising as I have to raise $2300 in order to be allowed to take part, I've raised $1,295 so far, so am over half way there :) Thanks to everyone who has donated already.

I am still pain free since my epidural injection (yay!), and restarted physiotherapy on Friday, I have been referred for 8 sessions and this week I am focusing on stretching as my muscles are very tight. They also put me on a traction machine, which was a very strange experience.

We are coming to the end of the first week of my summer challenge, so I will be posting about that tomorrow. The challenge for this week was to drink 100oz of water each day. I have been drinking loads but must confess I haven't been keeping track of the actual amount, but am hoping it has been 100oz, I must measure my cup sometime, it helps that we have a fridge with a water dispenser on the front, so every time I am in the kitchen I have a glass of water.

I am in the process of transferring my gym membership, I just need to go into the new location to activate it, which I plan on doing next week. Then I hope to get back to my water running classes as well. Maybe I should stop using the words hope and hopefully and be more positive!!

I mentioned a few weeks back about a website called Postcrossing, well I received my first postcard this week which came from Germany.

I have mailed a total of 11 now, so should be receiving more in the mail very soon. I have also this week discovered foodie penpals, which sounds like an awesome idea, where you send food packages to people each month, so am thinking of signing up for that also.

Well done if you made it to the end of my blog post. Have a great week xxx

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