Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week 14

It's that time of the week again. Now I have a confession I did weigh in yesterday morning before I went to the hospital as I wasn't sure how well I would be today (more on that later). The scales showed a pleasing loss of 2lbs yesterday, so I thought, yeah I'll take that loss, then after the hospital we went to ihop for breakfast (the red velvet pancakes were so good!). As it turned out as the medication kicked in I became less hungry as the day went on, so this morning I decided to see what difference the scales said.

Let's just say I'm glad I never recorded my weight online yesterday or blogged about it as today I was 3.8lbs down :) So I took that as my official weight for the week - as today is my official weigh in day. So my total loss is back at 12.4lbs. still not back at my lowest weight since I restarted but I'm getting there. Must go and move some pebbles over in my glass jars :)

I haven't really done anything different this week, Ill be honest I haven't tracked, but I know I haven't eaten much as my medication has been making me nauseous so I haven't been eating (guess being sick has it's plus sides too!). For those of you not up to date with my ailments I have a herniated disc and a second partially herniated disc :( which has caused really really painful sciatica down my right leg. I've been living off vicodin, which I think my body is now immune too!! My doctor wanted me to have surgery on my back to relieve the pressure, but I wanted the non surgical option, so yesterday I received my first epidural injection. Came home with stronger painkillers and antibiotics. I last took a painkiller about 21 hours ago, and so far it's looking good, my pain has been a lot less. I am still taking it easy as I have been told not to do much this week, the epidural can take up to 3 weeks to have a full effect, so hopefully I will be improving day by day. Which is good as I'm going to Vegas in 3 weeks time :)

In other news we are looking to move house :) We have given our current landlady notice and submitted our application for the new place. Should hear back in the next few days, so keep your fingers crossed for us. Then it will be all the fun of packing and moving. Which for me is something I love, as I love organizing things, and making lists and planning.

Looking forward to this weekend as I'm going to my first ever fitblog meetup which is being hosted by Marlene , I'm looking forward to meeting her along with Marisol and the other fitbloggers who are attending. It should be a great get together, with lots of yummy healthy food :)

A big thank you to Dacia for hosting Monica's Birthday Challenge. I ended up with a loss of 0.43% over the challenge, which I guess is better than a gain. The winner will be announced on Saturday or Sunday, so good luck if you are in the challenge. Also don't forget to sign up to my Summer Challenge which starts on May 12.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great week.


  1. Good job on the loss. Those pancakes sound SO good. Now you just have to keep going with the loss. Perhaps that will also help dealing with the pain? Excited to meet ya on Saturday.

    1. Thanks, The doctor said the more I lose the better the pain should get, so that's an added incentive to losing now :)

  2. Congrats on the loss! You're doing great! :)