Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 13

I was hoping to be able to report a good loss this week, and Sunday morning the scales were looking really good with a 3.8lb loss, but by the time weigh in day came this morning, that wasn't the case.
I did still have a loss this week of 1.6lbs, taking my total back to 8.6lbs, which really isn't that great in 13 weeks when you consider the huge amount of weight I have to lose!

Looking at the chart you can see I was doing well, nice and slow and steadily losing, then I got my holiday head on and had the three weeks of gains, and now its finally heading back down and hopefully it will be on a nice steady slope down again.

So, the big question is why am I not losing faster? I think the basic truthful answer is I'm not trying hard enough! I could reel off a whole bunch of excuses as to why but that won't change the fact I need to try harder. At the moment I'm stuck at home unable to exercise and get out as I'm in severe pain with my herniated disc, hopefully next week Ill get my epidural injection and the pain will ease and I'll slowly be able to get back on track. The problem is being stuck in the house makes me bored and bored = eating when I'm not hungry. My fridge is full of lots of healthy snacks but once I get super bored then I just want unhealthy snacky foods. I am really missing my water running classes, and looking forward to going back to them in the next few weeks.

I know I need to up my game, my sister will be here in less than 4 weeks and we have a 3 day trip to Vegas planned, and yes I plan to have a few drinks and hit the buffets, but I believe I can do that in moderation, and hope that I will be well enough to do lots of walking to counteract the extra calories. 

Part of the problem with my herniated disc is the fact I am so overweight, so I need to REALLY try hard and change my eating habits and whole lifestyle, or even once this problem is fixed its likely to return if I don't lose the weight. Each year I have my annual health check and it comes back good, my bloods etc are always normal, and the Dr says that eventually my weight will affect my health and I need to focus on losing weight before it becomes an issue, but I always just carry on as normal. Maybe this current issue with my back is the wake up call I need. As right now the pain is unbearable and I would give anything to have it fixed.

So time to put the past behind me and move on, I have everything I need to make this work, I have an online weight watchers membership including a cool app on my phone, I have a gym membership, I have an exercise bike and treadmill at home, and of course I have my gorgeous two westies who love going for walks, so I have no excuse not to exercise (except for the pain at the moment - which should be fixed soon).  I am the one who controls what I eat, I do the grocery shopping, so only have myself to blame when the unhealthy food makes it into my kitchen. I decided when I came back from England that we wouldn't order take out food between then and when my sister arrives (total of 4 weeks) so far one week in and I'm pleased to report no take out food ordered so far :) (its all about the baby steps!) I have also signed up for an organic fruit and veg delivery service called Albert & Eve, the first box arrives today, so I am looking forward to trying some new fruit and veg, as I do tend to buy the same fruit and veg each week!

I want to say a big thank you to all off my friends on twitter, you are a great support and I'm looking forward to meeting some of you at the fitblog meet up next weekend. I'll be bringing a nice healthy ww spinach and cheese quiche.

I set myself a first goal of getting to 275lbs, and my reward was going to be a fit bit or a Nike fuelband, I decided on the fit bit and have purchased this and it should arrive any day, but I am going to be good and not use it until I reach my goal, so 8.6lbs to go. I'm hoping that will be a great motivational tool to help me increase my exercise too, as I think when I use it I will be shocked to see how little I do actually walk!

I started these weight loss jars a few months back, as you can see only 8 pebbles have made it into the pounds lost jar :( They sit on the side in the kitchen as a constant reminder to me, I hope to be transferring a lot more pebbles very soon

As some of you may know I am going to be hosting a summer weight loss challenge starting next month. So far I have had 12 people sign up, hopefully we will have a lot more people sign up between now and then, and it will be a good motivational tool for everyone who takes part. There will even be prizes too :) I have contacted a few companies and so far Pop Chips have come forward and offered a prize to the winner. So if you like prizes make sure you sign up and tweet and post about it to your friends too so they can also sign up.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post :) Have a good week everyone xxx

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  1. You can lose weight without working out. I lost the first 50 pounds of my 92 lost so far without exercising, I know you probably feel bad both mentally and physically but don't let that discourage you. Try to do what you can to remain busy so that you don't get food when you aren't hungry. It so easy to get discouraged but don't let that happen to you.

    I have a similar problem as I am home most days since I am out of work. I could easily spend all day watching TV and eating but I don't. I read a lot of fitness/healthy living blogs to keep motivated. If you need some recommendation let me know. I've gone back and read people's blogs from the beginning and it's so inspiring to see what people can do.

    Hang in there.