Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March Bark Box

March's BarkBox arrived whilst I was on vacation - hence the delay in my review this month.

As usual the pups were eager to check out their box when it arrived.

The box this month contained a nice selection of items, including something edible which always seems to be the dogs favorite thing.
The first item was some pet wipes from Natures Miracle , they are wipes for using on your dog in between baths, they remove odor and dander. I actually have already used these, and have an amusing story as to why. I was out walking my two early, and Bluey found a dead mouse, Jess decided it would be nice to roll on the mouse at the same time Bluey decided it would be nice to pee on the dead mouse - result was he ended up peeing on Jess!! So i used the wipes on Jess and she smells all pretty again :)

The second item was a pink rubber ball from Pet Projekt it is a ball that is squidgy and you can put treats inside it or another ball, my two had a quick play with it, I think I may try putting treats in it when I give it to them next.

Cookies, Bing's Jumpin' Ginger snaps where in the box, and didn't last long, my two loved them and even gave the box a thorough examine to check for extra! They are all natural treats from Bing's Barkin Bakery

The final item was something that is a bit strange - Himalayan dog chews, chews made from yak and cows milk, its basically a type of cheese, but hard. You can also put them in the microwave to turn them into a softer treat if they get too small to chew. As you can see my two really like them.
Thanks BarkBox for another great box this month

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