Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 9

So where do I begin - this week hasn't been a great week. I've been suffering from sciatica since the end of January, so have been living off painkillers, but the pain has got worse. I started physio last week, but that just made the pain worse. I now have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow, and hopefully they can find the cause of the pain.

I've had a secret for the last few months, well some people knew, the main person who didn't know was my mum. I am flying to England next week for a visit :) I'm excited about this but now it's public knowledge I'm even more excited as it seems real now as I can properly count down the number of sleeps till I go. I was last there in October. Whilst there we are going to Center Parcs for a week with Dave's family which is going to be lots of fun, as we will get to see all our nieces again, I imagine the youngest won't remember us from October as she was only 8 months when we saw her last :(

So weight watchers!! I haven't tracked at all this week, and due to the pain I haven't exercised, plus TOTM, and I've basically been eating very unhealthily, pizza, Mcdonalds (twice) and i don't even like Mcdonalds, plus other takeout. So it was no surprise when I got on the scale this morning to a 4.2lb gain - yes i know 4.2lb, its not good. I think also my mind has started to go into holiday mode. I'm hoping this week will be a much better week. The exercise will be limited, but I'm going to work on eating better. I plan to weigh next Wednesday morning before I fly, then I will miss the following week as I will be in England, then Ill be back in time for weigh in the week after. Last time I was in England I ate loads (those of you who are expats will understand!), but this time I'm going to try and make better choices, but it is a vacation and i will be having a few treats. Last time I gained 10lbs in the two weeks I was there :( definitely don't want to be doing that this time.

I will definitely be blogging from England so look forward to some hopefully interesting blog posts.

I love the Virgin Atlantic countdown

Have a great week everyone xxx

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