Monday, March 19, 2012

Hill's Science Diet - Ideal Balance

It's Bzz Agent time again. As most of you will know I am a Bzz Agent, which means I get sent products/services to try for free or a small fee, and then I get to share all the good (and bad) things about the product/service with you guys :) They are looking for new agents all the time and its free to sign up, they want people in UK, USA and Canada, so go check them out and you could also be getting lots of cool things to try.

This month I was sent a bag of the new Hill's Science Diet - Ideal Balance, grain free dog food.

I've used Hill's science diet in the past, and do like to change my food every now and then to give the dog's some variety. Although they can be fussy eaters, but not when it came to this food, they both emptied their bowls straight away. I mixed it with some of their current food for the first few days, but now they are eating it on its own and seem to love it. Their bowel movements have been perfect (if there is such a thing!! - dog owners will know what I mean), and I haven't noticed any itching which can be a common problem in westies.

The first ingredient in the food is fresh chicken, which is always a good sign, and it contains no corn, artificial colors or preservatives. It is supposed to improve their skin and coat, but I haven't noticed any change yet, although it has only been a week. Not sure if I will continue with the food as it seems a lot more expensive than the brand I normally use, but if I do see a positive change in their skin/coat then I may well change to it permanently.

You can find out more about the food on their web page and Ive just noticed there is a link on that page under the dog food, where you can try the food for free via a rebate form, so if you think your dog (or cat as they do a cat version) may benefit from this new food, go try it for free.

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