Friday, March 9, 2012

Pier 39

I was browsing online the other day to get some ideas for things to do with some of my upcoming visitors and I cam across Pier 39 Local Advantage and I qualify as a 'local' - still sounds strange saying that. Basically by signing up you get some coupons sent to you, one of which gives you 2 hours of free parking at the Pier 39 parking garage - a nice saving of $14. So this morning I decided as it was a nice sunny day I would head down there with the dogs and take a few photos. 
I also heard about the whale that had appeared in the Bay yesterday, but there was no sign of it today whilst I was there.

Both dogs like going for a walk at Pier 39, as it means they get to share the mini fresh and hot donuts with me, and also lots of tourists always stop to pet them, as they miss their pets back home, and Jess especially loves the attention. The only thing she doesn't seem to like is the noise the sealions make, when we get too close she starts to cry and tries to get away from them :(  I enjoy going to Pier 39 first thing in the morning before all the tourists get there as it is really peaceful.

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