Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Center Parcs

I'm sat here eating my breakfast - toast (made from proper bread!) with a local strawberry jam in our cabin at Center Parcs. Everyone is fast asleep and I'm watching all the wildlife. Next to our cabin there is a small pond, and so far this morning I've seen a group of six ducks, two geese, three rabbits, one adult and two baby deer and two squirrels. All of which have been a few feet from the cabin. All you can hear is the birds in the trees, it's so peaceful here - until the kids wake up that is!!
Yesterday we went clay pigeon shooting in the morning, I hit the first clay spot on - which I think was pure luck as I didn't hit that many after that!! We then spent two hours in the afternoon geo caching which was a lot of fun, although it was a very warm day to be out walking. I looked into geo caching before but this is the first time I've actually done it and think I'll definitely be doing it again. We enjoyed a BBQ in the afternoon courtesy of Chef Pete, I think I ate enough sausages to last me a lifetime!! Then we played badminton in the evening before taking the girls to the junior disco - where Paige got a certificate for 'best dancer'
I think I must have done a bit too much yesterday, as I've been awake most of the night with back and leg pain :( so have had to take vicodin this morning. I think also the bed is very soft and that hasn't helped. Tempted to sleep on the sofa tonight as that is a bit more supportive.
Last time the dr gave me steroids I was pain free for two weeks, but this time I haven't been pain free at all :( Looking forward to getting home and starting physio and hopefully getting this herniated disk sorted. Just hoping I don't need surgery.
So I've been in England now for just under a week, and my food intake hasn't been great, I've definitely been enjoying eating all my favorite English foods, plus the steroids make me hungry too, and I also feel quite swollen on them too. The course of steroids finish next Tuesday, so I can get home and focus on healthy eating and getting back into an exercise regime, I've missed my swimming and water running classes. Just hope I haven't gained too much weight whilst away, either way I'll soon be back on track and losing whatever I've gained. I have been doing a lot of walking since being here, would have been interesting to see how far I've walked, if only I'd hit my 275lb target I would have had my fit bit to wear now. Hopefully I will be a proud fit bit owner by the end of April - in thinking I'm going to go for that over the Nike fuel band.
The weather in England has been really nice since I've been here, I believe I left the wet miserable weather in San Francisco!! (sorry) This happened when I was here in October last year too, we had a mini heat wave then.
I haven't taken a lot of photos, but here is one of the geese.

I also thought this Starbucks one was funny, back in SF there are Starbucks on every corner, here in England there aren't as many but turns out there is a few at Center Parcs and not far from our cabin

Just realized that I haven't watched any tv since Sunday, which is a good thing, there are Tvs in our cabin but we haven't had them on. The wifi here has been a bit spotty, so you never know when you'll get online, but in a way that's good too, as being away from a computer isn't that bad after all, it just goes to show you (well me anyway) that most of the time I go online at home when I'm bored!!
Plans for today are archery this morning and adventure golf this afternoon, although I'm thinking I might give the golf a miss if I'm still in pain.

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