Monday, June 6, 2011

Come back sunshine....

Well it's been almost two months since I blogged - apologies, I guess I haven't been doing anything that exciting, or am too lazy to blog.

Ive been taking some photos of the view from our new house over the last few days, and thought I'd blog about the lovely weather, or should I say lack of!! Its only June 6th and already we have a new all time record, it has been the wettest June in SF on record ever, and England have been having some lovely weather, but isn't that always the case. I guess I shouldn't moan as it hasn't been cold, and Ive been out each day walking the dogs, they are happy to go out rain or shine. Hopefully the Californian sunshine will be returning soon.

When we first moved into the city, everyone kept saying it will be foggy, but until today the views have been good, today is the first time I have seen fog and we have been here a month, maybe this is the start of the fog, and is going to be the view I get all summer :( Fingers crossed that isn't going to be the case!

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