Monday, April 18, 2011


Two blog posts in one day - you are lucky readers :)

So today I felt my first ever earthquake and Ive been living in the Bay Area for 17 months now. It was a 3.8 centered a few miles from our home. I was sat on the sofa with the dogs watching TV at the time. There was a really loud bang and then about 5 secs of shaking, my first reaction was I thought a truck had hit the house. Dave said it was an earthquake and I didn't believe him and looked out onto the street to see if there had been an accident. The dogs were freaked out and jumped off the sofa and started barking. I then went on to twitter and saw that other people had felt it and confirmed it was an earthquake.
It was exciting and scary all at once. It brings home the reminder of the fact we live in an area prone to earthquakes.
It also reminds me that I never did sort out an earthquake kit (tut tut)
Also today is the 105th anniversary of the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire.
Since the 3.8 there have been another three this afternoon in the same area, all of which were too small for us to notice. We live on the San Andreas fault, but apparently this quake wasn't connected to that fault.

The main thing is nobody was hurt and there was no damage. 

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