Monday, April 18, 2011


So we found out last week that our landlord is selling his other property and wants to move back in, so we got issued our 60 days notice. Which all came as a bit of a surprise.
Im not one to sit around and dwell on things, so I was on craigslist straight away and after finding some properties and viewing them we have found our new home. We have a move in day of May 7th, so just under 3 weeks.
Ive made my list of people to notify, Ive already sorted comcast and they are coming the day after we move to connect our internet/tv/phone, PG&E is already sorted too, and the bargain find was the post office only charged us $1 to redirect our mail, unless I missed the page with the costs on, but it only seems to be $1 that left my account, that is for 12 months, I remember it costing a lot more when i moved within the UK - I guess that is tight ass Royal Mail for you!!
Managed to acquire a load of packing boxes free on craigslist from a family nearby who have just moved house. So i have all the materials, just need to organise the packing.
Ideally first I need to go through the garage and sort out and throw any junk, then i can use this as the area to store all the boxes once I pack them. I plan to pack most things myself and leave the major stuff for the removal guys, once I get round to booking them that is!
I do still have two boxes we have never unpacked since we moved here in November 2009, so not sure whether to sort through them or leave them sealed... I guess the local thrift store is going to be getting some donations from me, as I will be sorting the wardrobes out too.
The move should be a lot easy - 15.8 miles  compared to 5352 miles that we moved last time!! At least the dogs don't need to go in crates this time.
The major change for us being we are moving from The Burbs to The City!!! Best check my shots are up to date.
More exciting updates to follow....

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  1. It is indeed only $1 to redirect your mail. It is free to put your mail on hold if you go away on vacation or something too. We've done that a few times.