Thursday, November 4, 2010

Running late....

I realised a major advantage to living in California this morning, I was running late to get to my volunteering at the local school, I had 10 minutes to get there.
I came out of my house, got in the car and drove off and got there on time.
You may think there is nothing strange about that.... but based on a lot of people's facebook statuses lately, that is not how it currently is for them.
For those of you who haven't worked it out - I didn't need to spend 10/15 minutes defrosting the car :) Although if Im honest I quite enjoy scraping ice off the car before setting off on a journey, Im sure though I wouldn't be saying that if I had to do it every day.
Certainly makes life sweeter knowing that its very unlikely that it will get cold enough for me to scrape ice again, so I can have that extra 10 minutes in bed - which means my super cool purple ice scraper is now redundant :(

PS: Its currently 28 degrees (82 f) here today, and its November!!!

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