Friday, November 5, 2010

Our first bonfire night in the US

Today we celebrated our first bonfire night since moving to the US. The major difference being there is no bonfire night here!! The dogs were very pleased about this as we have had no fireworks going off for nights on end disturbing them, other than Monday night when the Giants won the World Series.
So today at sunset we headed to Ocean Beach in San Francisco.
Here we met with 120 other British Ex Pats and we had our own bonfire party, we all bought along finger food and drinks and had a large bonfire and two small bonfires, as this beach has special fire pits that allow you to have bonfires, although we did need a permit as we had more than 25 people, in true British fashion we even bought along two guys to burn - for those Americans reading this - we are not referring to burning real men!! - we are referring to an effigy.
Sadly San Francisco law means that we are unable to set off fireworks or have sparklers and also we are not allowed alcohol on the beach :( , but someone didn't managed to sneak along some sparklers so we did have a little entertainment, although American sparklers are not like English sparklers, they weren't metal they were all made of paper, which was a bit strange. A good time was had by all, and we managed to stay warm by huddling around the fire, surrounded by British accents it almost felt like we were home, except no fireworks and it wasn't wet and cold!! We will definitely be attending this get together next year.
The guys certainly didn't take long to burn!!!

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