Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another taco bell moment....

Taco Bell Employee: You dont live around here do you?
Me: Yes I do
Me: I haven't lived here long though
TBE: I didn't think so, you sound different, you are from England or Irish aren't you?
Me: Im English from England (just to clarify for him).
TBE: You guys all sound the same I get confused, its a bit like people from Mexico (WTF???!!)
Me: OK
TBE: Mexican people speak spanish like the people from Spain (funny that!), but they have twenty words that are different, and if they use those words people look at them with a blank look.

I then used that blank look on him, luckily my food then arrived and I was able to leave :)

Where do they find their employees? Maybe I should have said Im from Europe, that would really have confused him, maybe Ill try that next time.

On a side not the XXL beef chalupa is very nice :)

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