Thursday, October 21, 2010


Everyone has been talking about baseball lately, so this evening I watched the San Francisco Giants vs Philadelphia Phillies (Im sure they could have picked a better name!). The game lasted almost 3 hours, and by the end I still never understood it!!  Someone briefly explained the rules to me the other day, but nope still doesn't make sense. I remember playing rounders at school, and being told it was like baseball, such lies we were told as kids. Also the players are really ugly, surely there must be some good looking players out there, and half the time they never even ran!
Hopefully next year I will get to go see an actual game at AT&T Park, and maybe then it will all make sense.
In the mean time, I guess I will go with the flow and support my local team....


Apparently the World Series is a big thing if they get through......

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