Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time to make a shopping list...

My little sister and her husband are coming to visit next week, then my mother in law is coming to visit in three weeks, so now is a good time to work on my 'English shopping list' and decide on what goodies I want them to bring over.

So far my list consists of:

cadburys advent calendars - its not long till xmas now :)
dog choc advent calendars - seems that you cant get dog chocolate in the US
simple face wash - 'simple' as in the brand, as im struggling to find a hypo allergenic face wash here, although Simple is available in the US as of this year, they only sell it on the East coast.
galaxy minstrels - i had forgotten about these until i read a blog post mentioning them today.

Thats my list so far, unfortunately Greggs sausage rolls arent allowed :( Other items that would have been nice would be vimto cordial, ambrosia tinned custard and ambrosia tinned rice pudding, but they are all far too heavy, and one can just wouldnt be enough!!, plus you can buy the custard and rice pudding here, its just super expensive, maybe it can be a treat for Xmas. Thinking of sweet things I must had jaffa cakes to the list....

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  1. My dad sent me an email saying he's sending my kids advent calendars! What about me?? I am going to take an extra case when we go back to UK for my brothers wedding in Spring!