Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yes I know it's only October 12th, but here in America you could easily think otherwise. The shops have been filled with halloween things for well over a month now. Its quite interesting as normally by now in England the shops are filling up with Christmas stuff, but here its all halloween and thanksgiving, there are a few Christmas bits out there but not a lot just yet.
So the last week I have been out and about with a friend and she has been taking me to various stores that stock halloween things (although to be honest that is most stores!). Today I finally got round to decorating the outside of our house. This is our first halloween in the US, and it is the holiday I am most excited about, already most of our neighbors have decorated the front of their houses. Im going to work on taking some photos of the neighbors yards too so you can see how dedicated people are about this holiday.
I have outfits for the dogs (bumble bee and squirrel), but no outfits for Dave and I yet :( Jess and Bluey are going to be going trick or treating with one of our neighbors children, so Ill be going along as their chaperone, which will leave Dave home to answer the door. Last year in England we only had about 5 people come to our door, Im expecting a lot more this year, as we have lots of children in our neighborhood. I've got a big bowl of candy ready for the trick or treaters, which I've hidden away so that it doesn't become empty between now and October 31st!!
Going to save the pumpkin carving till the week before halloween as don't want the pumpkins going mouldy.
The really strange thing about putting the decorations up today, is the fact it is 32c/90f degrees outside!! Certainly a bit different to the Octobers we are used to in the UK :)

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