Sunday, September 26, 2010

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is approximately 17 miles from where we live, and the drive there is one of the most beautiful drives ever. Although there seems to be one main road that goes to HMB, and as I experienced when I was leaving there today, on a lovely sunny day it can be a nightmare, I was fine as I was leaving, but the traffic coming into the area was at a stand still on the main road.

Im officially declaring the beach at Pillar Point Harbour in Half Moon Bay our second favourite beach that we have visited since we moved here. The dogs love it (as you can see from the photo), the views are amazing, the wildlife is amazing, we got to see seals swimming near the shore again, seems we get to see them every time we go there. Although you do have to watch out for dead seals on the beach too!! The smell was disgusting, it was so strong you could practically taste it, luckily I managed to keep my two away from it, but other dog owners weren't as lucky :(

This is also a very popular place for surfers, there were tons of surfers there today, and each year a large surfing competition called Mavericks is held there, which attracts surfers from all over the world, and certainly isnt something for beginners. I don't think Ill ever attempt to go there for that event as I imagine the traffic is a complete nightmare.

As you come into HMB there are lots of farms and garden centres, and there is a huge children's play farm, it always seems very popular there, and at the moment as halloween is approaching the fields are filled with pumpkins, it is such a magical sight, unfortunately I was unable to stop for photos, so Ill have to save that for next time. There are also lots of stalls at the side of the road selling local produce, you cant go wrong with 8 fresh corn on the cobs for 99c now.

Half Moon Bay can be a bit foggy at times. When I arrived there at 830 this morning it was a bit cold (not like England cold though!!) and very foggy, but by the time I left at just before 11 the sun was out and the fog was clearing, it was definitely going to be a gorgeous day there. 

There are tons of restaurants there, I've eaten in the Half Moon Bay Brewery and can recommend the fish n chips (although they are nowhere near as nice as UK ones), there is also an English pub/store there called Cameron's which even has a London bus parked outside, but I haven't eaten there yet.

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  1. It is a great beach, I am guessing your favorite beach, though, is Baker? One of these days I will make it up there!!