Thursday, September 16, 2010

So beautiful

I was just sat here eating my lunch and looking out of the window, when it occurred to me I live in such a beautiful place.
The trellis above our decking has beautiful pink, purple and red flowers at the moment and there always seems to be hummingbirds out there - before moving to the US I had never seen a hummingbird. The street we live on is lined with trees and you constantly see squirrels and a variety of birds when you walk down the street.
Our grass in our garden is a slightly different matter!! We seem to have gophers or voles living there, so each morning we get up we have a new mound of dirt in the middle of the lawn, much to the dogs liking, as they rush out there straight away and proceed to dig down to try and find the critter!! Working on reviving the lawn and maybe eradicating the critters is on my to do list (all suggestions will be gratefully received).
Today I walked along the San Francisco Bay trail, which is a 10 min drive from my house, Ive done this lots before but today i really spent my time admiring my surroundings. It was a beautiful sunny, non foggy day, and i could see all the way to the East Bay and could even see as far as the city and the Bay Bridge as well as the San Mateo Bridge, the part of the trail I walk along you get a full view of San Francisco airport, and its quite interesting watching the planes come into land, they always seem to look so close together too!
The wildlife i saw today was a variety of birds floating on the bay lots and a few squirrels, the dogs seemed to find a few critters that they tried to dig to get to, but I never actually saw anything. I guess my eyesight isn't as good as a terriers. The other day when I walked the same part of the trail i saw sea lions, and I always find it so spectacular seeing them in their natural habitat. Yesterday I went to Half Moon Bay and whilst walking along by the ocean we saw a pod of dolphins and more sea lions, every time I see them I'm amazed and could sit for hours and watch them, I just hope that feeling of amazement never wears off.
I think this area is definitely the most beautiful place I have ever been to, and I am so lucky to be living here and having all spare time I have to go and explore all these gorgeous places. (Thanks Babe xxx)
I never take my camera with me when I walk the dogs, but am going to from now on so hope to be able to share some of the beauty of this area with you soon.


  1. Sounds lovely! And I enjoy the hummingbirds too, I'd never really seen them up so close before.

    As for photos, I take millions but always forget to share them!

  2. For the gophers.. if you haven't seen/heard this, then it might be handy:
    (poor quality and sound, so turn the volume up)