Friday, August 20, 2010

Mutt Strutt

So tomorrow, Dave, Jess, Bluey and I are taking part in the 16th Annual Mutt Strutt at Coyote Point, obviously this will be our first participation in the event. 

We are going to hopefully do the 3k walk around the park, depends on how warm it is and how Jess is, as she gets heat stroke really easily. We are really looking forward to it, there will be lots of competitions, including fancy dress, although I don't have any plans to dress our two up, Im saving that for halloween. There will also be lots of vendor booths (of course wanting all our hard earned cash, or should I say Dave's hard earned cash!!), plus some demonstrations prior to the actual walk around the park.

If anyone would be interesting in sponsoring us for tomorrow, that would be great.
Here is our fundraising page -  The Westies  :)
We are hoping to raise $300, but are stuck at $80 at the moment, not sure if this is because people don't want to support the cause, or whether they just aren't as generous here in the US, as previous sponsored events I've done in the UK I've raised lots.

A special thank you to those of you who have already sponsored us :)

I will be reporting back tomorrow with photos (yes i know I promised photos of the clothes yesterday - I havent forgotten)

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