Saturday, August 21, 2010

We strutted with our mutts

So today was the day of the mutt strutt, it was very overcast so we turned up with our jackets, but by the time the walk started it had really warmed up and we didn't need them :)
There were a lot more dogs than I expected and some cool fancy dress outfits, there was even a white poodle that had red ears and a blue tail (unfortunately I wasnt able to get a photo). We came home with three goodie bags full of dog treats so Jess and Bluey were very happy about that.
We did the 3k walk which was nice despite my bad knee, and the dogs really enjoyed walking with lots of other dogs, so we will definitely be taking part again next year
Just before the walk we had raised $100, and our page is still active if there are any last minute donators :)

So as promised here are some photos (if I can work out how to add photos)
Resting before the walk

Waiting for the walk to start

Two very tired pups, and me forgetting to smile for the camera!!!


  1. glad you raised some money ;)

  2. Glad you guys finished the walk and had a good time. September 25th is the "Pet Parade" in Burlingame. I think they "dress"the dogs for the parade, not sure if you have to register.