Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today I received my 100th postcard since joining Postcrossing - so thought it was about time I updated you with some photos of how it is going. 

First of all lets give some credit to my 100th postcard I received today - it came from Thunder Bay in Canada from Nature-Lover. It looks and sounds like a beautiful place to live.

I've been a member of the site for 9 months, and it certainly makes it fun sending and receiving mail. If you do sign up it is entirely up to you how many cards you send and how often, so it can be as cheap as you want it to be. Although the site does cap how many you can have traveling at one time. I buy my cards from Pier 39 usually where I get 5 for $1, stamps range from 32c (mailing within US) to $1.05 (international). 

I purchased some display pouches from amazon, each one holds 40 photos or 80 if you want to make it double sided and the pouches are $21.00. I think it is a nice way to display the cards and I have them hung on the walls in my office. Unfortunately the cute dogs are an added extra!

In the 9 months I have successfully sent 110 cards to a total of 27 countries, and I currently have 6 traveling and sadly 5 expired (which means they didn't reach their destination within 60 days), although I have had previous expired cards take over 90 days and then get registered. The 100 (well 101 in fact) cards I have received have come from a total of 25 countries. I've taken some stats from the site to show you the breakdown, I also think it is interesting to see the time traveled data too. I personally log my cards on the day they are received, but I know some people hold their cards and log once a week, so this could make up for some of the longer sent times.

If you love sending and receiving mail, this is a great site for you to sign up to. 

Have a great day
Sarah x

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  1. Love the way you display your cards, cute dogs too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Angie ;)