Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 39

Woo Hoo - my week back on track was awesome and the scales were super awesome I lost 6.8lbs this week, that's the most I've ever lost in one week!! This takes my total loss to 26.2lbs (must remember to transfer some pebbles in my jars!) and I am now 3lbs away from reaching my first major goal which is losing 10% of my starting body weight.

I wish I was still attending meetings as I would have got some weight watchers bling I believe for reaching 25lbs lost.

The little stars certainly bring a smile to my face :)

So what did I do different this week? Well first of all I have had gains the last two weeks, so that makes up for part of the big loss this week. I promised to work out 4 days this week and I did that plus went for some long walks. I used my exercise bike twice and I also did boot camp one day, and also did my first ever kettle bell workout which I loved (even though I think I lost about 5 gallons of sweat whilst doing it!), and the day after and for the following few days I ached so bad in places I never knew I had muscles!! I plan to try and do it twice this week and hope to ache a lot less.

I am still tracking using my fitness pal, and I tracked 100% this week, and only went over my calories one day this week, which was due to a pumpkin cupcake (which was very disappointing indeed as it didn't taste that nice). I think I ate around 70% clean this week and even tried a new food. I ate tofu for the first time, I coated it in honey and breadcrumbs and baked it and it was really good. Actually I tried another new food this week Trader Joes harvest grains blend which I got in my foodie penpals box and they were so so good. I've decided to finally cut cow's milk out of my diet, I've had an allergic reaction to it for many years, but still keep having it, this week I worked on cutting it out and other than a small amount in some foods (where it is listed at the end of the ingredients) I have done pretty well, and my eczema is definitely a lot better for it - and my stomach too, so that may also have helped with the weight loss. I thought I would miss cheese, but I bought a vegetarian substitute which is great on pizza, and also some goats cheese which I don't appear to react to.

Here are my 'my fitness pal' stats for last week.


I'm hoping to have another great week this week, but know that I can't expect big numbers two weeks in a row, but am aiming for a loss.

Have a great week everyone
Sarah x