Friday, October 19, 2012

16 years and 100lbs

Today I was going through some paperwork and I found my weight watchers meeting card dated back to October 1996, my lowest recorded weight on that card was 14 stone 10lbs (206lbs).

This basically equates to me having gained 100lbs in 16 years!! I was shocked and disgusted when I worked out the numbers and of course I thought about 'what if?' what if I had stuck to the plan back then, where would I be now.... I always watch weight loss shows and think 'how did you get that big and not notice it happening?' That is exactly what happened to me, I knew it was happening, but never really faced up to it, it was a few lbs here a few lbs there - until now. I will no longer think that when I watch those shows.

I know I have another weight watchers meeting card but I can't find it at the moment, but know that I wasn't as light as this card.

I did weigh in this Monday and had a gain :( After my big loss last week I decided to give myself a little treat, but in the process got carried away! As a result I gained 3.4lbs taking me back up to 269.4lbs. This week I have been trying to eat as clean as possible, but haven't really been tracking as such, I started to find that even though I was tracking, I wasn't being 100% honest with myself and an odd bit of food here and there wouldn't get tracked. So I decided this week I would see if I could do it on my own and focusing on portion control instead.. I've also stopped weighing daily, as I found that if I saw a loss I would let myself have a treat and also if I saw a gain I would say 'what the heck' and eat everything and anything. I do plan to still weigh in once a week and that will still be on a Monday.

I have updated my weight loss goals/rewards page, I don't have a printout with the 305lbs on as I recorded it myself on a spreadsheet, the closest record I have is my weight watchers card from last year, showing my starting weight of 300.6lbs on Jul 6 2011. 


I was doing weekly updates based on my weight when I joined ww online in January 2012, but have decided to document my losses from my highest weight, as this is more accurate then having two running totals. So my next goal is to lose a total of 40lbs which will be a weigh in of 265lbs. I am hoping to try and reach that very soon, I have family coming to visit and a trip to Disneyland planned, but I don't plan to use it as an excuse to eat all the time, but I do plan to allow myself a few treats and there will be lots and lots of walking at Disney. Plus I have two 5ks planned for next week!

In other news I have now gone 81 days without drinking any soda :) It has been easier than I thought too. I am thinking that when I reach 100 days, I may try cutting something else out of my diet - just not sure what yet. Soda was an obvious choice and something I wont miss and don't need, at the moment I can't think of anything else - any suggestions please let me know.

Yesterday my medal and bib display boards arrived from Running On The Wall and they are now proudly displayed in my office/gym, I have the bib from The Color Run I did this year and the Dani Ryan Holmes-Kirk virtual 5K, and the medal is from the 5k. I look forward to adding many more medals and bibs in the next few years.

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