Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I've been meaning to blog about Postcrossing for the last month, then today I finally got round to buying something to display my cards in :)

I have been a member of the postcrossing community for almost 5 months now. In that time I have sent a total of 48 cards to 17 different countries and received 46 cards from 16 different countries. I also have 9 cards currently traveling to their destinations. I love how on the site you can see the stats for where you have sent and received cards from.

I do sadly have one expired card which I sent to Russia 71 days ago, the system expires them after 60 days :( Although I did receive a card from Russia recently that had been traveling for 67 days, so maybe my card will eventually get there. I also have three other cards I mailed on the same day to three different countries and none of them have arrived, so I'm wondering if something happened to the mail in my mailbox that day :( hopefully if it got lost at the sorting office it will get found and eventually delivered.

The whole community is really friendly and everyone sends you nice messages about themselves and lovely thank you messages when they receive your cards. If you love receiving nice mail (nor bills, or junk mail) then this project is definitely for you.

As you can see I have had a nice variety of cards from different places. I need to buy some more hangars to display them and also find a way of displaying the oversized ones too.

I will blog again in a few more months with some updated photos of my collection.

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  1. Cool. I posted 5 cards last week and sm waiting for them to arrive at their destinations.