Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No more frizzy hair

I've been a very busy Bzz Agent lately getting to try out new products, the latest one is one of my favorites. It is  Frizz-Ease® Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control I've used it for the last three days and haven't had to use my hair straighteners once, as it leaves my hair looking and feeling silky smooth all day.

One of the suggested tasks as part of this campaign was to take a photo before using Frizz-Ease® Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control and one after using it, so here goes.

Before: This was taken approximately 4 hours after washing and blow drying my hair. It's not a great photo, as I took it in the sunlight, but you can see some of the frizz and how my hair has gone curly.
After: This photo was taken today, 7 hours after washing and blow drying my hair and using Frizz-Ease® Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control. As you can see hardly any frizz and my hair is really straight and I didn't need to use hair straighteners. Both days I have been outside and it's been between 40% and 50% humidity.

One of the great things about this product is you don't need much of it, they recommend 10 drops, I used just over 10, and it is a quick to use, and the bottle is small so handy for traveling. I am eager to try it on a day where I don't blow dry my hair to see if it leaves my hair feeling heavy or greasy. I believe it is priced around the $9.99 which I think is a great price.

As part of the campaign I received lots of free samples of this product, so if you would like to try some let me know :)

For those of you who aren't aware of BzzAgent, it's free to join and they send you products to try (90% of the time free of charge), and you get the fun job of trying them and telling your friends all about the good (and bad) experiences with them, and then you write reviews on the products. They are always looking for new agents, and they are in the US, Canada and the UK.


  1. thank you for the info, I use a great product too, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which protects my hair, makes it stronger and keeps it soft, shiny, frizz less and healthy. :D

  2. Thanks for that, I got some Moroccan Argan Oil the other day in a beauty box, but havent used it yet, it does mention on it that it can be used on hair - so i might have to try it :)