Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Challenge Week 2 results

The results are in for week 2. So how did you all get on with the fruit and veg challenge? I started the week well, then slowly my count decreased :(

I was thinking how I tend to eat the same thing all the time without much variety, so I was thinking the challenge for this week is. I want you to go out and try at least one new food - you never know it might be something you really love and it becomes a regular part of your food choices. I have signed up for a local fruit and veg delivery company, and I'll be honest a lot of the items on the list I had never heard of - so I'm excited to try new things when my delivery arrives on Tuesday.

Down to the numbers for this week, another great week. The group lost a total of 21.5lbs this week which was 0.56%. That's a total of 57.15lbs in two weeks. The person who lost the most this week was Lisa S (@LisascottLisa) who lost 2.55%, well done Lisa :) The overall loss also goes to Lisa who has lost a total of 5.36% in the two weeks. Can she keep it up for two more weeks to take the 4 week prize? There are a few people close behind her.

Well done to everyone this week and good luck for the week ahead. You can do it.

I'll be on vacation from Friday to Monday next week, and not sure if I will be taking my laptop, so I may not post results until Monday next week. Please still send me your weigh in results by midnight on the Saturday. I will always reply when I get them but if I don't have my laptop to hand I won't be able to send you your stats until I return.

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