Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 1

So today I had my first weigh in after signing up to weight watchers online, and it was a very pleasing result - a loss of 5lbs :) Still got a long way to go, but baby steps and eventually I will get there (hopefully).

I purchased a cool app on my iPhone yesterday it is Nike+ GPS, it was only $1.99, you can use it with or without your headphones, Ive used it for the last two days when walking the dogs, I did 2.12 miles yesterday and 3.09 miles today, the only disadvantage of tracking whilst walking the dogs is you are constantly stopping and starting. I hope to use it over the weekend when I'm walking on my own, so it will be more of a constant speed, although saying that the long overdue rain is due to reach the Bay Area tomorrow and last the weekend, so I might have to wait till next week.

Got round to booking Disney for October, we are going to be there for Halloween so get to go to 'Mickeys not so scary Halloween party' I went to this at WDW and it was fun, but will be much more fun with two kids in tow. I decided to book a non Disney hotel and chose one across the street from Disney so we don't have far to walk, and near i hop too which is always a plus. It's called the Park Vue Inn. The reviews looked good, so hopefully it is a nice place, although most of the time we won't be in the rooms as we will be at Disney.

On the donation front, so far I have received donations to the value of $50 - thank you to the people who have already donated. 33 weeks this Friday until the 3 day walk, so fingers crossed I can reach my $2300 goal.

Here is the link if you do wish to donate.

Thanks xxx

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