Saturday, January 21, 2012

January BarkBox

Our second BarkBox arrived today and it was another great selection of items.

The treats had fallen out of the package during shipping, so I think this made the box extra interesting for Bluey!

This month we had a strange selection of things, items I would never have thought of. The first one being a Happy Paws Dog Massager from Just wanted to say an extra thanks for including the battery :) I've had a quick try with this and both dogs seemed unphased when I used it on them, so will try again tonight, it's nice and quiet which is a plus as I think the noise would have made them nervous of it. They both enjoy being brushed so think they will enjoy this when they are more relaxed.

The second item is something that I have been thinking about getting but wasn't sure what was out there. It was a tin of Heal My Paws from  It is basically a moisturizer for their paws to help with cracked pads in extreme temperatures. Jess often has cracked pads, so this is going to be great for her, and the tin was just the right size to rub their paws directly in it. I rubbed some on the paws of both dogs and they seem to quite enjoy it, so will definitely make this a regular thing to use on them.

The third item I think is the dogs favorite so far, and has gone completely!! It was some organic Charlie chews treats from My two can be fussy over treats, but ate these with no hesitation.

Fourth item was something rather strange (I think so anyway!) called Puppy Dust from and is basically something you sprinkle on dry food to encourage your dogs to eat, my two never need extra encouragement to eat, so may use this as an added treat on their food, the one I got is peanut butter flavor.

Last but not least we got two bully sticks from My two love bully sticks and they are great for their teeth and gums, although occasionally not great for the smell that comes from their butts later on in the evening!! These ones are sourced from free-range grass fed cattle. Will be letting the pups try them in a few days, don't want them eating too many new things in one day.

Thanks again BarkBox for another great box of goodies, I also love the little hand written message in the box and the blue tissue paper. We look forward to another great box next month.

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