Friday, July 8, 2011

Midnight Magic

Tonight's post is written by my husband Dave

Was waiting outside the office for Sarah to pick me up when a nice old man approached me and proceeded to tell me about how he has been making and delivering sanitary bags for the homeless and delivering them at midnight to SF. He then explained that his car (rolls royce phantom apparently) was in a garage and he left his wallet at home (some 90miles north) and didn't have enough cash on him to pay the parking ticket.

He then said that he was called Midnight Magic and that Robin Williams was going to play him in a film about his life! In return for helping him he would get me a part in the film.

I looked him up and down. Very shiny black shoes , clean cloths, freshy shaven and topped off with a straw hat.

I explained I had no cash and Sarah turned up just as he was getting pushy about going to a cash machine. I googled "midnight magic robin williams" in the car ride on the way home (sounded like a film I would like) and looks like I just had a brush with one of SF's oldest conmen, he's a legend!

Wish I took his photo (had my camera out photographic the street cars, which is why he probably picked me) but didn't.

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