Thursday, December 2, 2010

American Gym Attire

I have recently returned to the gym, and have stopped swimming and started using the gym equipment.
I cant help but notice how the gym attire varies so much! Now it could just be my particular gym or it could be an American thing Im not too sure.

Personally when I workout I wear a tshirt, sweat pants and sneakers (yes I know Ive gone all American!!), back in England this seemed to be the norm, but not here. Yesterday there was a guy in a suit he entered the gym and took his tie and jacket off and started his workout, needless to say when he had finished he was rather sweaty, he put his tie back on and jacket and left, I certainly don't envy the people sharing an office with him. There are also other people wearing strange things, today a guy was on the treadmill in what looked like work boots, Ive seen people working out in jeans, people in high heels, its all very strange. Maybe though they are looking at me thinking the same thing :)

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  1. Huh! thats pretty strange!! Here in Mumbai, India we prefer an old tee and a pair of tights because thats more comfortable obviously!!! I read about this elsewhere too that people in NY are totally conscious of the way they dress in gyms!! :)