Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Vacation Weigh In

Did you miss me?

I've had a very busy two weeks with my sister in law and two nieces. We did something everyday, and had so much fun. Especially at Disney - despite the fact my iphone managed to wipe most of my photos :( 

I was pleasantly surprised on Monday morning to only see a gain of 2.2lbs. I was expecting more. We did do lots of walking whilst they were here, but food choices weren't great. We ate out a lot and on the go, my body was certainly craving fruit and veg! I would say in the last two weeks I probably didn't even eat 10% clean. My eczema has also flared up really bad as a result of the bad food choices (far too much dairy). But I had lots of fun and made lots of fantastic memories so that's what matters the most.

I am now back on track and all the candy and unclean food has left my house. Salmon and roasted veg planned for tonight. This morning was protein pancakes with banana.

I signed up for another race the other day, its a virtual Turkey Trot race and you can chose the distance, I'm going to make it a 5k, and plan to do it this Sunday, will probably do it alone and see if I can make it a new PR, as the dogs slow me down too much. The virtual race is being hosted by Pumpkin to Princess and you can sign up here  There is even funky medals to go with it. I then have my Awesome 80's 10k (fingers crossed the weather is nice) the following Sunday - I think hubby has forgotten about it, so don't remind him!!

Only 23 more days until I fly to England which I am super excited about, which means only 3 more weigh ins. Monday I was back up to 271.8lbs, I would like to try and reach my 40lbs loss and be at 265lbs before I fly - so watch this space.

Oh yeah - nearly forgot. Yesterday I reached 100 days of being soda free - Go Me :) Bring on the next 100 days. I'm still thinking of what else I can give up, but haven't decided on anything yet.

Also you have 5 days left to enter my Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil giveaway.

Have a great week
Sarah xxx

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