Friday, October 12, 2012

Updated photos

I finally got round to taking some new photos today to help document my weight loss. I no longer have a full length mirror so had to get Dave to take them, but tried to stay in the same pose as the others, and wearing the same tshirt.

I am 39lbs lighter in these photos than the ones I took in 2011 which can be found on my weight loss photos page.
I think it's good to document your progress with photos as well as numbers as sometimes the scales don't budge and everything else does :)

Just a reminder if you haven't entered my Peanut Butter & Co. giveaway you have 6 more days to enter.

Have a great weekend everyone xxx


  1. You look great Sarah! Keep at it. But not too fast so I can catch up :)

  2. Congratulations on 39 pounds. That's amazing. Keep up the good work.